December 29, 2007

Back Home Again in Indiana

Christmas has come and gone and that means we find ourselves home again in Indiana after visiting my wife's grandpa in Naples, FL. Being a Michigan boy, I have to admit it was a little weird when I woke up on Christmas day to sunny and 80 degree weather but I can't really argue with that. Other than the drive down and back, this might be one of, if not the most relaxing Christmas I have ever had. Grandpa is the kind of guy that goes to bed early but wakes-up even earlier and has, what we like to call "coffee time" every morning which entails sitting outside, drinking coffee, maybe having some bacon and eggs and reading the paper. It's great because "coffee time" runs right into lunchtime.

One of the things I really enjoyed about being at Grandpa's over Christmas was the slow pace of the day and reading the paper every morning with my cup of coffee, light on the cream and sugar. I never read the paper when I'm at home. I chalk this up to two things mostly, 1) I am not a subscriber 2) because it costs money. I don't think of myself as a cheap person, not willing to pay a couple bucks a month to get the paper delivered to my doorstep, it's just that I'm not sure I would really take the time to read it if I got it and then it would seem like a waste of money and trees. So I'm thinking that maybe for some excitement in the New Year, I'll give reading the local paper a shot and see how it goes.