December 11, 2007

Something Different

This year Tai and I have decided to do something a little different, we have decided that we are not going to ask for anything for Christmas, from anyone, including each other. The more we talked about it, the more we thought it could actually be a cool thing to ask our families to use the money they might have spent on us to buy a goat, or cow or maybe even a flock of geese for a needy family somewhere around the world. I mean seriously, who doesn't want a goat?

The Heifer Project is a charitable organization that uses gifts to purchase a number of different animals that not only provide food but renewable income as well. The goal is to end world hunger by "teaching a man to fish" instead of simply "giving him a fish".

I must admit, there is something freeing about not asking or expecting anything for Christmas. It has honestly made this season more enjoyable by making it much more simple. Instead of making lists and checking them twice, I have been reminded of the simplicity that surrounded the event for which we celebrate Christmas. Funny how simple things can be when we keep first things first.