December 15, 2007

Predicting the Unpredictable

Now I know that the weather in the Midwest is crazy, I've been living here all 28yrs of my life yet somehow I still can't figure out why the news can't get it right. "Winter Storm Warning in effect until 1pm Sunday." "Look for an accumulation of up to 12in of snow." "Watch out for a Wintry Mix of freezing rain, snow and sleet." I guess what really gets me is that I am someone, having grown up on the West coast of Michigan where we could get lake effect snow and get 6 to 12in in an hour, who schedules or cancels things based on the forecast.

So hypothetically, let's say I had a party planned at my house tonight. It's been planned for some time and yesterday I began hearing about this "Winter Storm" that was going to really dump on us and as a result, I canceled the party. I'm sure you're thinking that makes sense because I wouldn't want anyone to try and drive through this awful "wintry mix"...that never really showed up! I'm hypothetically bummed that I had to cancel my hypothetical party because of this real storm. Gotta love the Midwest!

*At no point in this drama was a meteorologist slandered sincerely or hypothetically