December 2, 2007

Being Set Apart

The church that I work at just opened a new sanctuary a few weeks ago and we had a Consecration Service for the new space today. As I was driving home in the rain from this service, I started thinking about this idea of consecrating something.

Webster's dictionary defines consecrate this way: "dedicated to a sacred purpose" and of course that makes sense when you think about a church sanctuary. I think I like this idea of being dedicated for a sacred purpose or another way of saying it might be "being set apart to be used by God". There are a number of different texts in scripture that talk about this idea of being used by God or being holy. Remember when we are told to "Be holy, because I am holy"? This is another way of God asking us to let Him use us to spread the Good News of His love, grace and mercy. This sounds like a good idea for all of us, not just our buildings.