December 13, 2007

Snow Angels Tour

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Over the Rhine in concert (I've lost track how many times I've seen them live) at the Music Mill here in Indy. OtR is currently on their 'Snow Angels 2007 Tour' promoting their most recent release entitled "The Trumpet Child".

The Music Mill is a great venue to see a show because the setting is spacious yet intimate with hardly a bad seat in the house. OtR shows are generally seated shows and the one last night at the Music Mill was no exception. It had the feel of sitting around with a couple hundred of your friends enjoying laughs and incredible music. If you have never taken the opportunity to see OtR live or taken some time to check out their wide range of musical graces, then you my friend are missing out.

With vocals that can rock you to sleep 1 minute and raise your blood pressure the next, combined with instrumentals that can foot the bill I find it hard to believe anyone would be disappointed. Making Paste magazine's list of 100 Best Living Songwriters gives a little more weight to their opening track lyrics from "The Trumpet Child" that read "I don't want to waste your time/With music you don't need" and I think you'll find checking out Over the Rhine will be anything but a waste of time or money.


hmb said...

Yay for OTR! I think OTR live is a bit toxic--like, when it's all said and done, I don't want it to be over. My favorite venue--of the few I've seen them in--is Canal Street Tavern in Dayton. Totally worth it if you're willing to make the drive. It's like being in an underground railroad tavern at the turn of the century, which definitely fits their style.

Matt said...

hmb- a great description "toxic-like". i found myself last night on my drive home after the show wishing that it wasn't quite over. it's funny too because OtR is one of those bands for me that i can easily forget about but when they show up in my playlists, i'm reminded of how good they are and can't believe i don't listen to them non-stop.

i've never been to CST but i've heard it's a pretty sweet to catch a show. on my list to checkout...