December 3, 2007

A New Look & A Hospital Visit

So, I just got done redesigning the blog, what do you think? I think I could really like the new look and feel but I guess only time will tell.

I took a friend of mine to his doctor appointment at one of the hospitals downtown this afternoon. As I sat in the waiting room in the hospital waiting for him to finish his visit I started thinking about how the hospital is a place to find humanity in its most vulnerable state. Not many people like going to or being in a hospital and with good reason but I couldn't help but be aware of the people sitting in the waiting room or passing by in the hall and imagining that some of those people could be facing some of the toughest challenges they have ever faced. Besides being keenly aware of my own good health, I could sense that the hospital is a place where people's walls come down; many not by choice with some finding themselves trapped under the rubble.