June 8, 2008

Welcome to Wilmore

Day 1
I arrived at Asbury Theological Seminary located in Wilmore, KY about 2hrs ago. I am taking a week long class on the theology of servant leadership and must admit I'm actually looking forward to being back in the classroom after 7yrs since finishing my undergrad.

The drive down was nice, about 3.5hrs. Great weather and not a lot of traffic. I don't know about you but I don't mind driving longer distances by myself. I'm a big music guy so when it's just me in the car, I crank up the tunes and pretty much let it go. No doubt I'm entertaining for the people I pass by as I leave my heart on stage...or in the driver's seat.

Talk about a crazy flashback to dorm life. I am staying on campus for the week in one of the student dorms and am quickly reminded of the good and bad of dorm life. I originally requested a single room but that didn't work out so I arrived anxious to meet my new roomie...who happened to be working the desk where I needed to pick up my housing paperwork so that was cool. My first flashback came when my roomie told me "there is an empty box and some clothes on your bed, just throw them on mine." The week has officially begun.

So now I'm sitting here with a mini-fridge to my right topped with dishes that have remnants of, what I'm assuming was, their most recent meals while I take a break from writing a paper that is due at 9am tomorrow. Man, those were the days...

....dishes crusted with Ramen noodles
....community bathrooms
....video games 24/7
...."open house" hours
....last minute late-night studying
....an occasional fire alarm as the result of a water balloon, firecracker, axe bomb, playing frisbee in the hallway, etc etc


neal Hennessy said...

ahh the joys of college life...

Anonymous said...

Servant Leadership. Love the concept and how great to take a whole week delving into it.

You may also enjoy the work of Robert Greenleaf on this topic, if you're not already familiar with his writings. The historical, conceptual, and implementation of servant leadership has been encapsulated in the media package entitled Servant Leadership. You may view the program at Trainer's Toolchest's website at www.trainerstoolchest.com and plug in keywords "servant leadership". It's worth a view.

Matt said...

neal hennessy:good times had by all...thanks for the read

anonymous:thanks for the read and comment. actually, Greenleaf's book The Power of Servant Leadership is one of my required texts. i must admit that the topic has been both interesting and convicting at the same time. if you are interested/bored and want the textbook list for this class just let me know.

Rog said...

Dude, I'm an Asbury Seminary graduate (2006), taking a break from 16 years of full-time ministry. Hope the Wilmore experience was good - it was awesome for me and my family.

Rog in Houston

Matt said...

rog:thanks for the read and comment. great to hear from a fellow 'asburian'. i enjoyed my week there and am actually headed back down there in a couple days for another week-long intensive class. this one is Narrative Pastoral Counseling...i'm not really looking forward to this one as much as my Servant Leadership one.