June 11, 2008

Wilmore: Day 4

Day 4
Morning lecture today went from 8:30am to 11:25am because chapel was at 11:30am. It's been a while since I've been on a Christian school campus as a student and completely forgot about chapel, which almost seems hard to do considering we had it at TU 3 times a week. The service actually ended up being pretty decent with some good worship and a pointed yet short message. After that it was lunch time.

Our afternoon consisted of going out into the community in different ways to live out servant leadership. We had 4 service groups that went out: one did yard work for an older lady, one painted a house for a nearby ministry, one helped setup for the Ichthus Festival and the other went to do some cleaning at the Salvation Army in downtown Lexington...I was in the last group. We had a good group and ripped through deep cleaning the kitchen and dining room in less than 3hrs. This was the first time I felt like I actually got to know some of my fellow classmates, so that was cool.

The evening brought nothing exciting really. I decided I would go to Panera again and this time bring my laptop, books, etc so I could just chill there for a while. I got back to my room probably close to 9 and decided to go for a run around Wilmore. It was a good run but tough as there are a lot of hills, it ended up being almost 1.6 miles...not too shabby.

Here are a couple more random pic highlights...

The building next to the building my class is in...this one looks way cooler than the one I'm in hence the pic

I'm not sure you can really tell what I'm holding but just it's a Cicada. It would seem that they have taken over the world or at least campus. They are literally EVERYWHERE. It's pretty crazy...and LOUD!

fyi...this is a good cd. I had no problem listening straight through w/o skipping a single song. I've actually made it all the way through 3x now.