June 12, 2008

Wilmore: Day 5

Day 5
Another day of class & lecture from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We did some small group work today which I thought was pretty cool, we did an exegete of Mark 9:33-50 and came across some cools things. Our prof gave us 1.5hrs for lunch today which fit in perfectly with my lunchtime-nap plans. I was able to pick up my paper that we had to turn in on the first day of class and I scored a 9/10 so I was cool w/that. We have a 10 page paper due by the 27th of June, I don't think it will be too bad though.

This evening brought my daily after-class-nap (of course) but tonight I had plans to grab some sushi with a classmate but that didn't pan out but don't worry, I went and grabbed sushi solo. I can't get my hopes up for sushi and then not actually get some, so peeps or not I'm going to hook up some sushi. The sushi was ok, not amazing but not awful.

This is my last night in my dorm room and if you'll allow me a moment to reflect on the experience as I'll deeply miss this dorm room flashback and the relationship I built w/my "roomie" (whom I have not seen ALL week).... *pause* ....ok, I'm good now. I think on this note I'll call it a night and lie in bed thinking about all of the great memories I have in this room.


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