June 22, 2008


It has been a bizarre few days to say the least but I have finally reached the point where I can talk about the loss of our dog Otis. Everything happened so quickly that it all kind of seems like a blur...one moment Otis is being Otis, then next he's sick, then really sick and then gone. When I took him to the vet on Thursday morning I had no intention of coming home without my dog but after seeing the condition he was in and talking with the vet the best option became quite apparent. We have been fortunate to experience a peace about the decision we made and honestly, I have no regret about it but man it is still a bummer.

I am thankful that God is willing to meet us where we are, giving us a sense of His presence and peace despite what may seem like an insignificant situation in comparison to things happening in the rest of the world. I also feel like I'm learning more and more about perspective and what it means or takes to get it and keep it. It was not more than a day after my dog passed away that I attended the funeral of a dear man that was the landlord/neighbor of our first home, not to mention a husband, father, grandfather and all around blessing to a lot of people. God continues to be faithful in helping me keep things in perspective.

On top of God's attempts at shaping my perspective, we have been trying to stay busy to keep our minds off of the initial awkwardness of our house without Otis and so we've been finishing up a major project on the backyard and I've been checking out some new cds, both of which I'll write about in the coming days (and maybe even add a pic or two of our work). Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts and concerns about Otis, they are much appreciated.


Holly said...

oh, how my heart hurts for you and your wife.
i have been thinking about otis all weekend.
i am so sorry.
from one dog lover to another.

Matt said...

holly: thanks so much for the thoughts and concerns. as i'm sure you can understand, it was not an easy decision but we feel it was the right one. i think it will be a while before we get another dog but we certainly miss Otis. i hope Delsie is doing well, give her a big hug for us!