June 9, 2008

Wilmore: Day 2

Day 2
The alarm went off at 7:30am and I was up and at 'em ready for my first classroom experience in some time. I decided I was going to kick it old school and leave the laptop in the room and take notes with pen and paper (remember those days?!?) because I didn't want to be "that guy" taking notes with a laptop. What's funny is that I ended up being "that guy" because about 90% of the class had their laptops out taking notes, which ended up being a double whammy because the morning lecture's powerpoint was online. Needless to say, I ran back to my dorm room to grab my laptop during the morning break. It's probably a good thing that during my undergrad I a) didn't have a laptop and b) my school did not have WiFi because that would have been a deadly combo for my grades.

The word of the day is kenosis, a Greek word for "emptying self" or "making self nothing" or "pouring out self". This idea is exemplified in Philippians 2:7 and is one of the foundational points of servant leadership. An interesting concept to think about as it relates to Jesus and what it means for those of us trying to be like Him.

Lecture today went from 8:30am to about 5pm with a break in the morning, 1hr lunch break (which I hit up Subway half a block away), and a break in the afternoon. I was back in my room by 5 after 5pm and decided I would take a little nap. Got up about 6:30pm and decided to checkout downtown Wilmore to see what kind of food options I might find. In case you haven't been to downtown Wilmore, like I hadn't before this evening, I will let you know that it is in no way large. The only place open (on a Monday at 6:40pm?) was La Casa De Jose, which I admit was pretty good. I had potato tacos, I know it sounds weird because it sounded weird to me as well but they were actually "muy bien". If nothing else, it gave me a reason to leave my dorm room.

A couple of pic highlights so far (these were taken w/my iPhone so bare w/the quality)...

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